1. The Size of the Engine

Porsche1The latest models of Porsche cars cost of Strattera use liquid cooled engines, which is different than the air cooled engines in older models from 1960s – 1990. Porsche switched to liquid cooled engines because of competitors such as Ferrari. The performance of the liquid cooled engine is as good as the air cooled versions.

One advantage is that it produces less engine noise for quieter driving. Porsche has been improving its engine over the years. For example, they reduced the engine size for the 911 to 3.4 liters, but increased the horsepower and torque. Porsche cars can generate a maximum horsepower of 265 – 620 hp.

Ferrari manufactures high performance cars with turbocharged engines that produce high mpg. The car will be ready to speed from the time you step on the throttle. Ferrari’s engine has a relatively fast response time. It will quickly gets to the maximum torque as the gear shift upwards.

Ferrari’s car engines are equipped with 8 – 12 cylinders. Ferrari engines can generate a horsepower of 460 – 963 hp. Inside the 488 GT, and Ferrari California T, Ferrari uses a V8 engine. The V10 engines are only used in formula one race cars, such as Enzo Ferrari, F12 Berlinetta, and LaFerrari models.

Ferrari1The need for speed

Ferrari is generally faster than a normally aspirated Porsche 911 car. Non turbo Porsche cars won’t be able to outperform a Ferrari. For example, the normally aspirated Porsche 996 is slower than the Ferrari 360. The Turbo Porsche car can travel at a faster speed compared to Ferrari, for example, the Mondial 944 Turbo is faster than 308 GTB.

Both Ferrari and Porsche speed smoothly along on the highway. In terms of acceleration, the 911 Turbos can perform better than the Ferrari cars. However, the 911 Turbos lose to the Ferraris when coming to top speed. 911 Turbo’s engine is similar to that of V8 Ferraris.

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